Three Lakes, 24 hours...

Originally put together by Andy Torbet and Monty Halls, the Three Lakes Challenge involves scuba diving in the three highest lakes in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours.

As per the original challenge, MHW will be diving in exactly the same lakes; classified by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology as permanent bodies of water larger than 1.0 hectare. 


Each qualifying lake dive has to be longer than 20 minutes with complete immersion required.

Each diver has to be entirely self sufficient and carry full kit to and from each dive site.

The time begins when the team leave the car park in Scotland to walk to the Loch and ends upon safe return to the car park in Wales.

From our research MHW will be the first time a team with women will be undertaking the challenge.

1. Loch Coire An Lochan, Scotland









Loch Coire an Lochain, 996 m (3268 ft) sits 13km from the nearest road with no direct access path. 


2. Red Tarn, England

Surrounded by the famous ridges of Helvellyn, Red Tarn 718 m (2356 ft) is 3.5km along a small well maintained path. 


3. Ffynnon Lloer, Wales

The final dive site, Ffynnon Lloer 650 m (2133 ft), is 1.5km from the road and contains two plane wrecks...